Should You Wear A Mask? The Answer Might Surprise You

Thats a tough one, it all depends on politics. Yes you read right politics! can you believe that’s how we battle the pandemic in the U.S. It comes down to our political views, sadly it does. If you’re on the left side of the spectrum Anthony Fauci is your god and everything he says is correct. After all he is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases he must know something, right?

If you’re on the right side of the spectrum you believe everything Trump says is gospel. After all he is a billionaire, owns Trump tower and ran for president once and won, he must know something…?

They are both wrong. The virus is real, the danger is multi dimensional and complex but so far more people have died from other common preventable deaths every year than anything Covid-19 would ever muster. There are reports that some hospitals are using very questionable methods to classify Covid deaths but let’s leave that aside. 


Cold Hard Facts

Consider the table below. Over 1.5 million Americans died last year from largely preventable deaths. Compare that to (as of July 15, 2020) 138,000 American deaths from Covid-19. We can multiply that by two as we can assume that we will have the same rate more or less till the end of the year, that’s 276,000 Covid-19 Deaths in the U.S. Compare that to the 2 million deaths Dr. Fauci estimated and one can start to objectively doubt his ability to responsibly alert the American public. 

Cause Year Deaths Source
Car Fatalities 38,800 2019 National Safety Council.
Cancer 606,880 2019
Suicide 47,000 2019
Heart Disease 647,000 2019
Diabetes 79,535 2019
Stroke 140,000 2019
Seasonal Flu 62,000 2019
Total 1,621,215 2019

Covid-19 138,000 2019 John Hopkins

Covid-19 has about the same death impact as car fatalities, seasonal flu and strokes combined. No one would ever consider banning cars, removing preservatives like sodium from fast food nor quarantining an employee with the flu for 15 days so why is Covid-19 treated differently?


Hysteria is a primitive and sometimes protective mechanism that alerts the “tribe” to run for the hills because an elusive dangerous predator is close by. However that mechanism can be triggered when we are confronted with a new/old perceived danger, especially one that is invisible and elusive. 

When in the daze of hysteria and fear we try to make sense of the world with our most primitive instincts. In this malaise we fervently cling to those who speak to us in this primitive language. We choose our “leader” to save us from our perceived life and death situation. Eventually this dynamic is distilled into fervent political party alliances.  

The media does not help by hyping up Covid-19 by airing stories where a young man scoffed at the idea of Covid-19 only to be killed by it. For every person who said foolish things we can find many more stories who scoffed at the idea of wearing seat belts only to be killed 6 months later but those stories don’t get clicks, no clicks no money. Covid-19 is fear porn and lucrative, seat belt stories not so much.


The best way to confront any difficult situation is to obliterate fear from your mind. Understand that any disease that is common around the world or even in a country is a pandemic. Hence cancer is a pandemic and much more deadly than covid-19 but you’re more fearful of covid-19, this is hysteria, stop it. 

covid19 pandemic

Wear The Mask?

So should you wear a mask? I see it like this. The information I am getting from the world about this covid-19 pandemic is mixed with glimpses of solid data bathed in hysteria. If you look closely at this mask test done by we can see when we exhale jets of pressurized air towards the sides of the mask. 

If you were to take the same video facing the subject we would see air jetting out of the left, right, top and bottom of the mask which is worse that exhaling lower pressured air without a mask. This type of mask only works, if when we come into contact with people they are always directly in front of us. The realistic way we encounter each other from all directions or 360 degrees. A mask which does not consider this, exposes those not directly in front of it. 

Furthermore if you do get infected with Covid-19 wearing this type of mask can be deadly as it obstructs the natural virus eliminating inhaling and exhaling the lungs require to expel unwanted deadly pathogens.  

We can’t forget about the eyes. The eyes are points of contact for a virus as well. If you wanted to go the mask route you would have to get something like this gas mask below. This is the only way you can guaranteed with a high degree of certainty your safety. Make sure to get the tube long enough to make it eject the air towards the ground where no one is exposed.

There it is, if you’re going to wear a mask wear a real one that actually protects you if not, not wearing anything is preferable than wearing a what amounts to a napkin on your face attached by shoe laces. 

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