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Emergency Calls Stress the Body in Phases

  • Alarm phase: This initial phase is when adrenalin increase after the initial reaction.
  • Resistance phase: During this phase, the body adapts and copes with the stressor
  • Exhaustion phase: This is the point where the body runs out of energy

Where Do EMTs Find Help for Dealing with Occupational Stress?

Many EMTs can look to their employers for help dealing with crisis calls. Some employers offer critical incident stress management (CISM) or critical incident stress debriefing (CISD).

Supervisors use CISM after life-threatening or multiple-casualty incidents to help EMT’s de-escalate and diffuse their emotions before the stress of the event has a chance to take root in their brains.

You and I know this is not enough and eventually there are long-term consequencesif you don’t find a plan B.

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There is no higher honor than to be given the responsibility to care for another human being.

Richard K. Schachern

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