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Earn On The Go

Imagine the feeling of watching your bank account deposits coming in while traveling abroad. Knowing that you can spend as much time as you want without being hurried or worrying about the mortgage or some bill that you forgot to pay! 

This is my life. It is a life of freedom to do what I want when I want how I want. I’ll be honest it wasn’t easy at first. It was hard to unlearn years of programming in my head that told me I must have a 9/5 job [look below] if I wanted to be a successful member of society. 

It was hard for me to let go of life’s training wheels and I quit my job! Mind you I was earning 275K a year, after all I am a software engineer in Silicon Valley and I am in high demand. However, it was not the salary that made me unhappy, it was the idea that spending the rest of my life in an office for the better part of my days that I had a major existential issue with.

Me with the not too happy smile.

I finally took the plunge and in all honesty I am happy that I did. I struggled and made a lot of mistakes at first but eventually after all the late nights and heartache I finally figured out the formula to make it work flawlessly.

I can finally relax now and so can you.

When I opened my mind to the possibilities… THATS! when it all changed. You see I realized that we have a short life and it made no sense to live working all day for someone else. My time is more valuable than a pay check no matter how much money it was. I felt like a hamster in a hamster wheel. As soon as I got paid, my money was gone paying bills. I was working to exist. 

I extend my hand out to you, so you can join me! Freedom is as good as you imagined it. I have a step by step easy to understand course where I teach you how to be free from the 9/5 human treadmill click here


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