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About Evin Weiss

Me @ 18 yo in Los Angeles

Grew up in California in the 90’s. I got my first computer at age 8 it was the commodore 64 . At 12 I started selling photo copies of entire magazines to the kids at school for $1.

With the money I earned I was able to pay for school lunch and new clothes. That one idea upgraded my life instantly and from that moment on I dedicated my life to learning + earning.

At 18 I started selling custom built computers and one morning I decided I would put flyers in every local business that would let me. That afternoon I got so many calls that I had to hire and train 2 friends to help fill the orders.

My office was on the third floor. Beverly Hills, CA

I went on to own and sale a successful digital agency in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. I found that I love working with people and leveraging digital assets in an effective and unique way. I consult with technology companies in Silicon Valley / Los Angeles / San Francisco / New York.